Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani was on Meet the Press this morning and host David Gregory asked him whether he'll run for governor of New York. While all signs (so far) point to yes, Giuliani demurred and said that there was ab important political season up ahead, what with the NYC mayoral election and then gubernatorial elections in NJ and Virginia. Gregory said, "So a November decision?" to which Giuliani replied, "Something like that."

Video of that exchange below—and Giuliani also discussed whether America is safer after 9/11 (video after the jump). After essentially saying that the U.S. should be in Afghanistan, since that's where the attacks were planned, and agreeing with Thomas Friedman's column today, Giuliani said that America was definitely safer than before 9/11 though "we're not as safe as we want to be," crediting much better intelligence and a more active pursuit of intelligence. Then he launched into:

"Thank God, we haven't been attacked. The day it happened, I was told we'd get attacked multiple times, both that day and in the next week. And for three months, I was waiting for the next attack, and getting intelligence from every source imaginable, everyone of the agencies we talk about, saying that New York should be ready for multiple attacks over the next 2-3 years, that the entire United State should be."