A group of teens who've obtained a key giving them access to off-limits areas in the subway system recently snuck into a closed-off platform at Canal Street and videotaped the trespassing. The youths are allegedly part of a group who call themselves the Subway Conquestors, some of whom have been involved in high-profile acts of subway vandalism, including tossing debris at the third rail and sparking dramatic explosions.

Their latest foray shows them exploring off-limits areas in the transit system, as well as using a key to turn off the interior lights on a moving train.

The tipster who uploaded the videos to his YouTube channel says it was originally posted on this Facebook account, and has since been removed. "The online commotion over them likely spooked him to take them down," the tipster said. In the YouTube description, he writes, "These are vandals. Not railfans. These people were kicked out of the railfan (rail buff) community for engaging in illegal activity. Railfans do not engage in this illegal behavior."

Last month, a Brooklyn teen who is the son of an MTA worker was arrested for allegedly placing a metal railsign across the subway tracks at Nostrand Avenue, causing an explosion that was caught on video. The suspect, Keyshawn Brown, is allegedly one of the "Conquestors."

Asked for comment on the latest trespassing incident, MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg said, "It’s a great help that vandals and criminals post the red-handed evidence of their crimes on social media, making their inevitable arrest by the NYPD that much easier. But when media organizations give them a megaphone for their crimes, they promote the very activities that damage property and delay service. If you give these videos a platform, you’re part of the problem."

On the other hand, the NYPD did not appear to be taking these incidents seriously until they received widespread media attention. In April, one MTA train operator told us that when he informed police about this group, officers said they couldn't do anything until they were caught in the act.

"It's well known amongst the 'buff' community that they are the culprits," the train operator told us. "They commit the crimes and then brag about it on the Internet (mostly Facebook) until someone says something and it is taken down...They have been messing around stealing rollsigns for a few months now. [They messed with the] 7 E F and R trains around Parsons Blvd. They have to be stopped. I've spoken to the police myself, and was told they have to be caught in the act. They have train keys. They go in unoccupied cabs and make announcements. They activate emergency brakes and run off trains."