Everyone gets fired sooner or later. Sometimes you roll into work and find all your crap stuffed in one of those sad brown boxes; sometimes your boss's kids sit you down and explain that your vast institutional knowledge is no longer relevant now that the company is focusing exclusively on exploding hoverboard GIFs. And sometimes you get fired by an enraged, unhinged Wall Street executive who was once portrayed by Giovanni Ribisi.

This video was captured in 2012, when David Glass, the co-founder of "merchant cash-advance firm" Yellowstone Capital, terminated employee Gregory Stern by screaming at him in front of the entire office, like a real professional. If you aren't able to watch expletive-fueled tirades at work, here's a taste of Glass's soliloquy: "Get the fuck out of my firm! Get out or I’ll call the cops! Why are you still sitting there, fat ass? Get out of my company!"

The video was uploaded to YouTube the next day, and it's since been removed, but it's being used in a defamation suit Stern later filed against Glass, who is said to have inspired Ben Affleck's film Boiler Room. Glass says he fired Stern because he allegedly took hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks from clients.

"The company’s internal investigation revealed that Gregory Stern embezzled monies from Yellowstone Capital," said a statement from Herirck Feinstein, which represents Yellowstone and Glass. "Mr. Stern was immediately terminated and a civil lawsuit commenced seeking damages and the recovery of the stolen monies."

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