A FreshDirect driver was struck by a man driving a van, and then assaulted with a rubber mallet near BAM in Brooklyn this past weekend. Part of the incident, including suspect Damian Bailey striking the victim with the mallet, was captured in the video below by a passerby in an Uber.

The incident happened around noon in front of 98 Flatbush Avenue (near Lafayette Street) last Sunday. Cops say that the 23-year-old FreshDirect delivery man was struck by the 34-year-old Bailey. Bailey apparently attempted to leave the scene with the victim still on the hood of his vehicle. When he stopped, he and the victim got into a verbal argument, and Bailey then attacked him with the mallet.

The victim, who was struck multiple times during the incident, was taken to a local hospital; neither the NYPD or FDNY could say what his condition was, but he survived the attack.

Bailey, a Queens resident, has been charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon and menacing.

Roose Wayne, who took the video of the incident from the back of the Uber, wrote on Reddit about what happened: "I had no idea that there was going to be a hammer attack as the car rolled up, and I stumble with the camera because I wasn't sure if I should keep recording or to try and help. I realized that there is nothing I could do in those few seconds to a guy like that, in that state, with a hammer, and that it would be best to film the crime for the victim and his family. The video is 2 minutes long but the whole thing went down in the span of 20 seconds. This started with the FreshDirect guy being hit by the van and driven 3 blocks on the hood of it before it stopped and he got out and engaged the driver."

A FreshDirect spokesperson offered this statement about the incident: "Our hearts go out to Kevin and his loved ones. We have visited him, are in close contact with his family, and our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time. Our primary concern is always the safety of our employees and we were saddened to hear about this violent and senseless crime. We want to recognize the incredible efforts of the NYPD and FDNY in stopping the attack and rushing our driver to the hospital."