Just last Sunday, FOX News' Geraldo Rivera had some relatively thoughtful things to say in Zuccotti Park about the Occupy Wall Street protesters gaining momentum. But yesterday, when Giraldo tried to return to the park for a followup, he was shouted down with chants of "FOX News lies!" We would have preferred "Where's Al Capone?!" or "Dig That 'Stache!"

Occupy Wall Street also got another TV boost from Jesse LaGreca, the Daily Kos blogger who dismantled a FOX News producer for Greta Van Susteren last week. LaGreca appeared on This Week and answered questions from denim-denouncing bowtie George Will and the Wall Street Journal's Miss Manners, Peggy Noonan.

In speaking about the demonstrator's advances made since September 17, LaGreca notes, "I think we have succeeded tremendously in pushing the narrative that working class people can no longer be ignored, and I think it’s very important that we have this conversation, because it is about the future of our country."