There are certain things we've come to expect from the mouths of adult women with sensible hair cuts and knee-length khaki shorts, especially at an event as highbrow as the U.S. Open. And the phrase "SHUT THE FUCK UP" is not one of them.

This lady—we'll call her Milly—was doing what anyone at a high-stakes sporting event would do. She's cheering! But this isn't football, Milly. You're not wearing a Steelers jersey and holding a $20 plastic bottle of Bud Light. You're watching tennis, for chrissake, and the well-heeled spectators around you are growing annoyed by your clamoring of "Let's do it" and khaki-covered rump-shaking.

"Oh leave me the fuck alone," Milly says, perturbed. But the hecklers won't just leave her the fuck alone. Not when NOT leaving her the fuck alone is this much fun!

Milly is not to be silenced, and after snarling at her oppressors to "shut the fuck up" for probably the 17th time, one woman boldly counters. "We can't see!" Milly turns to face the camera. "I don't give a shit—you can go over there," she hisses.

But fortune, it seems, was not in Milly's favor. The final video shows her being escorted from the match by security, two burly men from whose grips Milly defiantly tries to writhe. "Taser her," one voice says, to hysterical laughter—perplexing because it's not a terribly witty thing to say, but ah well, tennis people, amirite? "Did you just say "taser me?" Milly asks. "That's not funny."

Perhaps it's because she's moments from being whisked away, but there is a trace of dejectedness in Milly's voice. She leans away from security like a dog avoiding a bath, but is eventually dragged out of frame.

The crowd cheers, but the joke is on them. With Milly gone, the match will seem dull—insipid, even. They'll realize maybe they were too hard on Milly. They'll see, finally, that though she was annoying, she brought life to a moribund game, and instead of thanking her, they crucified her and now she's gone. Goodbye, Milly. We'll miss you.