Cell phones have improved life in a variety of ways, but they have also spawned an entire new genre of previously undiscovered assholes. Would this woman have picked up after her dog had she not been totally absorbed with her conversation? Had she been walking her dog in 1995, would she have been as distracted with, I don't know, a Discman or a Tamagotchi?

Sure, failing to pick up after one's animate poop generator dog isn't as nefarious as texting while driving or discussing the morning's colonoscopy mid-theatrical production. But the residents of South Oxford Street in Fort Greene are tired of being surrounded by careless pet owners and their animal's foul gifts, and have decided to take action against it.

DNAinfo reports that South Oxford Street Block Association President Abby Weissman launched the campaign in July after he shot this damning video of a woman blithely chattering into her cell phone while her dog defecated upon the sidewalk. Weissman posted the video on Facebook with the accompanying call-out.

For years block residents have been loudly complaining about people who think they are exempt from having to clean up after their dogs. Dog shit is discusting [sic] and toxic. There are no excuses for this behavior. If you can't clean up after your dog you should't have one. And it is a $250 fine. In the belief that it is only a few people who allow this to happen, we always wanted a photo or video or someone actually letting their dog shit and purposefully leaving it there. Here it is, thanks to Dropcam. Please submit any other images you have to our Dog Walkers Hall of Shame.

Residents better hope it works, before the neighborhood becomes the new Paris...or Bushwick.