The cops may have successfully apprehended the Skateboarding Groper, but the Upper East Side groper who has been harassing women for months has proven elusive yet again. Cops officially ruled out Eusebio Molina, the man allegedly caught groping a woman in Central Park this week, as the serial groper. But they may have caught a break in the case when they captured the pint-sized suspect on surveillance camera!

Cops believe the UES groper targeted another victim last night: a 29-year- old was thrown to the ground and the suspect grabbed her crotch. On July 17, he approached a 24-year-old woman for directions at the 77th Street subway station on the Lexington Avenue line, then followed her back to her building. She was able to scare him away before he attacked her, but authorities were able to capture the suspect, who is between 4-foot-11 and 5-foot-3, on the subway surveillance tape at that station. Watch the tape below:

We've spoken to two women who had close encounters with the serial groper in recent months; police advise that if you are a victim of the suspect, you should first call 911; then they should contact their local precinct and fill out a report. If someone sees a person who looks like the sketch of the groper, they should contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). Victims can also directly call the Manhattan Special Victims Squad (who deal exclusively with sexual crimes) at 212-860-6857.

Something strange worth noting: the UES serial groper is said to be around 4-foot-11, and Central Park groper Molina stands at 5-foot-2. Should The Summer Of The Groper really be The Summer Of The Pint-Sized Groper? And...was Randy Newman right all along when he sounded those beep-beep-beep alarm bells?