Philadelphia police have released a video of Flyers fans beating up Rangers fans after Monday's Winter Classic outside of Geno's Steaks! One of the victims was Neal Auricchico, an off-duty NJ cop and former Marine, whose father said, "He got banged up pretty badly. "Stitches in the one eye, and the other eye is pretty puffed up. He went for a CAT scan today, and we're waiting for the results on that."

The video of the fight went viral, and then the police released an edited version. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the police version shows "a large white man throwing off his fur-trimmed coat to reveal a No. 28 Claude Giroux Flyers jersey. The man, described by police as 'the main aggressor,' threw the first punch at a man in a Rangers jersey. The main aggressor and another Flyers fan in a Jaromir Jagr jersey then beat the Rangers fan while he was on the ground."

NBC New York reports, "It wasn't clear from the video who Auricchio was, but sources tell NBC New York the off-duty patrolman was beaten so severely he was hospitalized with a concussion. The former Marine earned a Purple Heart in Iraq, even going back for a second tour after he was shot in the leg."

Someone on the Broad Street Hockey Facebook page claimed to be one of the assailants but then backtracked. Per Broadstreet Hockey, he's now "calling out some friends and saying they did it instead. Also, his side of the story, still via the BSH Facebook comments."