What kind of gentleman tries to drive away from a cop giving his Ferrari a ticket in SoHo? The same kind who has no qualms about running over a cop's foot in the process! That's what seems to happen in the video below, taken by Damrys7—as an added bonus, the Ferrari driver appears to be the boyfriend of an MTV reality star.

According to the uploader, the car was parked in a hotels valet zone and the hotel valet had the keys—as some commenters pointed out, the car was likely not getting a parking ticket, but rather a ticket for having no front plate, registration or inspection sticker. The driver got in the car and started moving, refusing to accept the ticket. Then things got heated:

The cop then told him to stop but he proceeded to move forward. Now at this point I believe the cop's foot was under the front drivers side tire. Yet again the owner moved the car forward and apparently he somewhat ran over the cop's foot (or at least that's what can be made out from everything in the video, others at the scene claimed otherwise.) This triggered the cop and he slammed his hand into the drivers window and proceed to open the door (notice how many times he bumped it into the taxi cab) and pull the driver out forcefully.

Regardless of what he was getting a ticket for, there's probably no situation in which trying to drive away from a police officer is going to end well for you. The man was thrown to the ground, handcuffed and taken into custody. The girlfriend, who the uploader identifies as Stephanie Pratt from MTV's reality show The Hills, can be seen driving the car away. As some Reddit users noted, her relaxed attitude toward the situation is an inspiration for girlfriend's of douchebags everywhere:

That was amazing! not the car, not the arrest or the guy driving but the girlfriend being able to watch her boyfriend get arrested without getting pumped with adrenaline and shrieking at the police. STOP IT YOU'RE HURTING HIM! WHAT DID HE DO?!?! WHAT DID HE DO!? JUST TELL ME WHAT HE DID! SOMEBODY HELP HIM!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS???? LET HIM GO RIGHT NOW!!!