A Bensonhurst man says that he woke up this week to find that someone had set fire to his garbage...and also urinated on his car. Howard Weiss says the incident happened this past Monday around 5:20 a.m., in front of his home on 85th Street between 23rd Avenue and Bay Parkway. Weiss and his wife decided to take a look at their neighbor’s security tape to see how the fire started: "After being able to review the video, not only did the person set my garbage on fire but then walked over to my car across the street and urinated on it." Watch the video below.

As you can see, the perp, whom Weiss believes is a woman, does indeed set the garbage on fire, and then walks over to Weiss' car across the street and appears to urinate or defecate on the driver's side (though it is blessedly hard to make out for sure). Afterwards, the perp then seemingly tried to put out the fire, fails, and leaves. The fire went on for a while longer before FDNY and NYPD arrived to put it out, as you can see in the followup video below (they show up around the 12 minute mark).

Weiss told us he thinks he was specifically targeted, though he isn't sure why or by whom: "I don't think it's random cause the person not only set my garbage on fire, they walked over to my car that was across the street and urinated on it." Weiss is also frustrated with the lack of a response by cops, who didn't ask to look at his security video: "After I got the [report] number I asked 'what's the next step,' and they stated the case is closed and had no [explanation] why it was closed." After he tweeted about the incident, he says he was contacted by the Brooklyn DA. Brooklyn Daily notes that although Weiss only had $25 in damages from the incident, he decided to spend more than $600 on a new security system.