Earlier this week, we noticed that this FedEx worker was throwing packages into the back of the truck like they were bales of hay. The incident, which occurred in East Midtown Manhattan, upset FedEx enough to tell us, "We are very disappointed to see this... We have already contacted the management personnel responsible for this employee and the appropriate corrective action will be taken." And now the appropriate corrective action seems to have been firing the worker.

In a statement released yesterday, FedEx Vice President of Human Resources Shannon A. Brown took to YouTube to explain, "On behalf of all FedEx team members worldwide, I want to tell you that we are very disappointed to see the recent online video. FedEx sets high performance standards for all our team members, which is why our customers expect us to pick up almost 10 million packages a day around the globe. I want you to know that this situation is completely unacceptable to us and this driver is no longer working for FedEx. I want to apologize to all of our customers for the actions of this individual."

However, FedEx never explained if underhand or overhand tossing of people's packages is best: