This video is the greatest demonstration of someone "flipping it" on an adversary that we've seen in some time. Long Island convenience store and gas-station clerk Mustapha Yakupoglu was closing up at midnight Wednesday night when two masked men burst in and pointed a shotgun at his neck, demanding money. But Yakupoglu, who's been robbed twice before, wasn't having it. Check out this deft maneuver, caught by a surveillance camera:

Yakupoglu tells the Post that as the shotgun was pointed at his neck, "I reached down to my pocket and told them to relax like I was getting money." Then he grabbed it out of the assailant's hand and chased them out the door! "All I could see, it was a very big gun. This is the third time for me, but this time was different. I was not scared."

It's unclear why Yakupoglu—a Turkish immigrant who works 12 hours a day at the gas station, seven days a week, and lives alone in a small apartment near the station—risked his life to protect the cash register at a USA Gas Station, but this guy definitely deserves a raise.