Last week, we were appalled to hear the story of a 98-year-old woman in Fairfield, Connecticut who was being evicted from her home by her son. Peter Kantorowski was labelled the "worst son in the whole world" because of his alleged attempt to evict Mary Kantorowski, who got the notice on her birthday, from their family home. But Mary's grandsons Kevin and John Kantorowski have now come forward to defend Peter, and explain that the family isn't trying to evict Mary: "The main concern is the well-being of my grandmother. My father wants to evict my uncle out of the house, not my grandmother. My grandmother can stay in that house...For my grandmother to still be in bed at three o'clock in the afternoon, not having breakfast or anything, is unacceptable."

Kevin (the son of Peter) explains that he was the one who visited his grandmother in November and discovered that her living conditions weren't acceptable. He blames his uncle Jack, who lives with Mary in the home; Kevin claims Jack is an alcoholic who has been spending her money on booze, and neglecting to buy her food or clean the house. "The papers are on the floor because she says in case she has an accident, she can't make it to the bathroom. Immediately, me, mother, and father ran to Stop and Shop, got groceries, filled the refrigerator, and got her Depends, showed her how to put it on," Kevin said.

John, whose father is Jack, explains his relationship with his dad: "I haven't spoken to my father in over 20+ years. My mother gave him the opportunity when I was born to either quit drinking or quit the family. And he quit the family. My father hasn't been my father since I was two or three years old." He added that his father took over his grandmother's bedroom, and she's stuck sleeping in a room as big as a closet.

The grandsons agree that their grandmother needs assistance to be able to stay in the house, but insist that the family is trying to get rid of Jack, not her. And they believe it was Jack who got the media involved with the story, which has led to Peter getting death threats daily: "What's going to sell more? 98-year-old woman getting evicted by her own son on her birthday—which, my father has no control in evicting Jack on anybody's birthday, the court issues the paperwork, and it wasn't on her birthday...All the news is broadcasting false statements."

When she was interviewed by CBS following the first reports on the eviction, Mary was asked why she thought Peter wanted her to leave: "Money. What do you think? Money, money, money is their god.” That article on her, like most of the others, portrayed the family dynamics thusly:

In a tale of two sons and their aging mother a younger son, Jack, stays close to the family home. The older son, Peter, is estranged and wants to take possession of the Fairfield house they grew up in.