A NYC couple flying home from Florida with their three small children was ejected from their JetBlue flight before departure on July 2nd after a dispute arose over one of their kids kicking a seat in front of them. The outraged parents say JetBlue overreacted, and that they had resolved the dispute with the passenger in the row ahead of them before a JetBlue employee demanded they get off the plane.

Mandy Ifrah admits her one-year-old daughter kicked the seat in front of her before the plane took off, and that words were exchanged with the passenger on the receiving end. But Ifrah says she quickly apologized and insists both sides came to a peaceful resolution. JetBlue, however, alleges that the couple was responsible for "a verbal altercation that included physical threats and profanities."

Two videos filmed by Ifrah's husband Tamir Raanan show their heated dispute with a JetBlue manager on board the plane, and later at the gate, after the entire flight was deplaned because the couple refused to voluntarily leave.

JetBlue's Armando Gonzalez can be seen in the first video telling the couple, "We can discuss this outside the plane. What I need you to do is come with me outside the plane."

Ifrah responds, "Did something happen?" Other passengers can be heard asserting that "nothing" happened. One adds, "I saw the whole thing nothing happened."

In the second video, taken after the family was off the plane, Gonzalez tells the couple, "You were removed from the airplane because you were not cooperating with me, at this point if you want more information about the incident you'll have to call 1-800-JetBlue."

Local police can be seen in the second video, but Ifrah and Raanan were not charged. The family spent the night in Fort Lauderdale, and upon returning to the airport the next morning, they say they were told they were not going to be allowed on another JetBlue flight. They flew home on another airline.

The couple also says their luggage remained checked on their original flight and wound up in NYC ahead of them, forcing them to spend the night in Fort Lauderdale without a change of clothes or their baby supplies. They reportedly did not get their luggage back until a week later.

In a statement, JetBlue said, "After a verbal altercation that included physical threats and profanities against a nearby customer, the aircraft door was reopened and our airports team politely asked the customers to step off to discuss the situation.

"The customers refused repeated requests and our crewmembers deplaned the entire aircraft. Law enforcement escorted them out of the gate area and we provided a refund. The customers were not removed due to the actions of their children. We are investigating whether the customers' behavior warrants restrictions on JetBlue travel and we thank our crewmembers for their professional handling of this unfortunate incident."

The family's attorney, David Templer, questions why, if his clients were threatening other passengers with violence, they were not charged by police at the gate. "It is convenient misinformation," Templer told the Daily Mail. "If the incident had occurred the way JetBlue now claims, then it would have been a violation of laws and regulations to not immediately report it to Federal or State law enforcement, which did not occur."

Templer says JetBlue "unnecessarily humiliated and then abandoned an entire family, including infants and toddlers," and in a statement to ABC 7, said, "It is not remotely possible that a mother traveling with a 1-year-old on her lap and two toddlers would have the gumption to behave like that in front of her kids."

We asked Templer if the family intends to sue JetBlue, among other things, and we'll update when we hear back.

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