A Brooklyn family was the victim of a home invasion robbery by a pair of fake FedEx workers this week. The incident, which happened on Monday in Bay Ridge, was captured on a home security camera, which you can see below.

A police spokesperson tells Gothamist the incident happened around 3 p.m. Monday at a residence near Ovington Avenue and 6th Avenue. Investigators say the two men identified themselves as FedEx employees—one of them was wearing a FedEx uniform—then forced their way inside. Using duct tape, they bound a 36-year-old woman, her 81-year-old father and 75-year-old mother. The duo, who were using walkie-talkies in the house, then removed an undetermined amount of money and jewelry—as you can see in the video, it appears they took a giant safe out the back. They then fled the scene southbound on 6th Avenue in a blue SUV driven by a third suspect, according to police.

The NY Post claims the robbers stole $50,000 in cash and $80,000 in jewelry, though the NYPD spokersperson could not confirm that. According to a Reddit post where the video first emerged yesterday, the home security camera footage was shared on WeChat, a Chinese social media app.

The family's neighbors told the Post they saw the robbers leaving the house and went to free the family (they shared some striking photos of the family in duct tape with the Post). Neighbor Gary Baxter was apparently able to get a photo of the getaway car as well.

"I went in there. I see this and I say, ‘Oh crap!’ I see them all taped up,” said Baxter. “I try to make the old couple just relax, just sit tight.”

Baxter added, “It’s just traumatizing to an 80-year-old couple. I mean, they got to sit there and be tied up. What the hell? What are an 80-year-old couple going to do to you.”

FedEx said in a statement that they were cooperating with police on the matter: "This report is deeply disturbing and we extend our sympathies to the family affected."

Police add that there were no injuries or arrests, and the investigation is ongoing.

Earlier this year, a similar incident happened in the city: in July, two men dressed as FedEx employees attempted to rob a home in the Bronx, drawing knives on the victim and punching him in the face.