The NYPD released a chilling surveillance camera video of a Queens botched robbery that turned into murder. In July, Barri Jahoor, 35, a welder and part-time cabbie, was found shot in the torso in his SUV near Liberty Ave. and 135th St. in Ozone Park. The attack took place close to 7 a.m. that morning, so the entire unfolding narrative can be viewed clearly in the video below. "What you are seeing is indeed a botched robbery," a police source told the Daily News.

Jahoor was waiting to pick someone up outside an all-night party at a barbershop. The video begins with a suspect, wearing a grey shirt and a baseball cap over a doo-rag, loitering on the street corner. He then approaches Jahoor's parked SUV and attempts to rob him, while a second suspect, wearing baggy short and a dark baseball cap, acts as lookout nearby. Two good Samaritans see the robbery, and rush over to help; the lookout gets nervous and runs toward the car. Both suspects fire shots, wounding one of the good Samaritans. "At that point the perps could have taken off," the police source said.

Instead, one walks back to the car and shoots Jahoor; the two suspects then flee around the corner, where a getaway driver is waiting for them in a white Mercedes. Cops are searching for the two suspects, and are encouraging anonymous tipsters to call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.