Riding on the inside of the subway car is for sheep—that's where the Man wants to trap you, locked up tight with all the rats and the douchery. Real rebels roll on the OUTSIDE of the subway car, clinging to the outside of the doors, breathing that fresh outside air, wearing their jeans inside out, listening to Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers on mp3. Check out this subway surfing star as he hangs onto the outside of the J train like a pro (or as the person who uploaded the video puts it, an "idiot"):

As our humble narrator speculates, "He must be on the pill... He riding dirty... He's a professional, he's done this before. This is sport." Of course, like all extreme sports, this one has its risks: subway surfers have died for their thrills many times in the past. But for every sobering fatality, there are videos like this, which describe taking you "to another level of freedom" where "New York City is an amusement park."