Those who can't stand to hear the echo in a 90-square-foot apartment, seek cozier refuge in even smaller confines. Back in April we met architect Luke Clark Tyler, who lives in a 78-square-foot apartment in Hell's Kitchen, after spending two years in a 96-square-foot apartment. Now we have video evidence of his digs and his monthly rent: Tyler says he couldn't find a place with roommates in his budget in the neighborhood, so he pays $800 a month to live in a space that doubles as his home office. Curbed reports that he pays $750, but Tyler doesn't mince words in the video.

Because he's a vegetarian, Tyler doesn't have to cook anything besides microwaved eggs. And his shared bathroom is mere inches away, a perfect vacation room in case his apartment gets too stuffy. To put it in perspective, Tyler claims his residence in between his tiny apartments was a hut in Kenya "half the size of this made in mud." And it still looks roomier than those bunks on the Bowery!