The sorry state of the Mets isn't just a local issue at this point. Last night on The Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien got in on the fun showing just how deep dysfunction runs within the organization right now.

Omar Minaya's disastrous press conference Monday is not disappearing from the headlines quietly. A day after Minaya apologized for going after Daily News sports writer Adam Rubin while announcing the firing of VP of player development Tony Bernazard, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon really laid on just how big of a mistake Minaya made in his poor choice of words Monday. Wilpon told reporters:

We're very sorry about what happened (Monday). It was the wrong forum. The wrong time. The wrong situation for Omar to express himself in that way...Omar is extremely remorseful. Omar is upset about this. It's taken a toll on him in a very big way. He's feeling the effects of what he did....I think he really understands he made a very large mistake. He's apologized to ownership. He's apologized to a bunch of the staff. He understands he's put us in a bad spot here. It didn't go to our values. He didn't do the right thing.

Jeff Wilpon said that neither he nor his father Fred are "happy with the direction (of the organization) right now." But he added that Minaya's job is safe for the time being and that how badly the GM feels about the mess he's made will be enough punishment for now. While the News has assured that Rubin's job covering the Mets is safe, local scribes aren't as convinced about Minaya's. Mike Lupica of the News called Monday "the single worst press conference in the history of the operation."And Jay Greenberg of the Post says that the press conference combined with the Mets current state on the field right now "should not be a survivable offense."