A pair of pedestrians in Forest Hills were nearly crushed by falling bricks on Sunday after a valet rammed an SUV into a wall on an Austin Street rooftop, sending fragments raining on to the street below.

The couple was enjoying an evening stroll around 8 p.m. when the bricks suddenly began falling from 70-20 Austin Street, landing where they'd stepped just moments before. The culprit was apparently a parking attendant who hit the gas instead of the brakes on the SUV he was driving, smashing a hole straight through a wall. Please enjoy this terrifying video:

No one was injured by the crash, though the bricks did damage three cars, DNAinfo reports.

The Department of Buildings has issued a partial vacate order for Exo Cafe, which is housed in the building, as well as a section of the parking garage, and records indicate that the large, car-sized hole is in the process of being patched up.

Exo Cafe has had bunk luck in the past couple years—in February 2014, a snow plow smashed through the restaurant's front window, injuring a patron.