The Taxi & Limousine Commission [TLC] employs a cadre of enforcement agents responsible for cracking down on unlicensed livery cab drivers, issuing summonses, seizing vehicles and even sometimes making arrests. A recent enforcement action in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Borough Park sparked outrage among some bystanders, who can be seen in two videos angrily denouncing the TLC and NYPD for tactics reminiscent of Communist Russia, the Nazis, and Kristallnacht. It's like the comments section, IRL:

The man who documented the incident tells Yeshiva World News, "The TLC Police were forced by the officers from the NYPD’s 66th precinct to backoff, after brave Boro Parkers would not let them get away with their wild west activities." The article also notes that "many Orthodox Jews give rides to the many residents hitching rides around the neighborhood, never taking a dollar for their services."

That is certainly true, but a TLC spokesman insists that was not the case here. According to the TLC, the Commission's "peace officers" observed an illegal pick-up and followed it to its conclusion, where officers interviewed the passengers and confirmed that it was a for-hire pick-up. The passengers allegedly said they paid $20 for the ride. The TLC claims the vehicle was not licensed to operate as a livery cab and wasn't even owned by the driver—it was a rental car.

A summons was eventually issued but the vehicle was not seized. Here's a second video from the scene, which, as you can see, is eerily reminiscent of Nazi Germany: