An off-duty NYPD police officer has been suspended after an incident at a shopping mall Godiva store in Connecticut over the weekend. Video shows Amanda Villafane charging at employees, taking off her jacket and saying, "I will knock you the f--- out."

A police report says responding officers "found chocolate and blood all over the floor."

The incident unfolded at the chocolatier's location at Stamford Town Center shopping mall, on Sunday evening, when Villafane, her boyfriend Christopher Salvadore and his mother were told the store was closed. "Ralph Jimenez, 18, whose sister works at the store and who recorded the incident, speculated to the Stamford Advocate that Villafane perceived the employees had disrespected the older woman by saying she should have known the store was closed based on the amount of force required to pull the door open," according to the Advocate.

Salvadore allegedly attacked Jimenez when he realized the scene was being filmed. Witness Max Alba said, "We were on top of each other wrestling. I was trying to break it up, and he pushed everyone off. The guy cut him with a good sucker punch at the end of the fight. His eyes started bleeding, his head started bleeding all over his nose."

A Stamford police sergeant said that when police arrived, Villafane, 30, tried to show her NYPD ID and resisted arrest, "When [officers] went to arrest her she didn’t want to cooperate so they had to take her to the ground and cuff her."

Besides resisting arrest, Villafane was charged with threatening, criminal trespass, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct while Salvadore, 32, was charged with assault, criminal mischief, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.