Cops, of all people, are not supposed to be blocking bike lanes unless there's an emergency. "They shouldn’t be in bike lanes. Absolutely, it causes a danger and it’s something we address," NYPD Chief Terence Monahan told us at a We The Commuters forum last month. And yet, cops still park in bike lanes. A lot. For seemingly no reason. One cyclist who was recently confronted with NYPD vehicles blocking both bike lanes around Union Square decided to let the police know how he felt.

A friend who passed the video along to me referred to it as "a cathartic monologue from the bike lane."

"You guys are putting my life in danger because you are fucking assholes," the man riding the fancy looking e-bike tells the police.

"You gotta go" one cop mutters.

"No! I don't have to do shit! You guys are blocking the bike lane for no fucking reason!" the man responds.

"There's no emergency! Nothing is happening! I'm looking around, there's no terrorist threat. There's just you guys jerking off and doing nothing but standing here staring at me. I'm not threatening people's lives—you are! You are the problem!"

Christopher Schiff is a pedicab driver who took the original video late last month, and confirmed to Gothamist that, in the words of the angry cyclist, the cops were in the bike lane "for no fucking reason."

"Its a very common occurrence in New York, where guys from the same [police] precinct pull over and just have a rap session, and they have no regard or wherewithal to think, oh this is the bike lane, lets not do this here," said Schiff. "It's just entitlement, it's a display of entitlement."

Schiff, who has been riding commercially since 1990, and goes by the street name Spawn, said the man's behavior made him feel "astounded and proud."

"I'm just glad he didn't suffer any consequences," Schiff added.

To that end, one commenter on the video wrote, "Try doing that without getting shot if you are not a white old dude... big props to the dude for using his privilege for a good cause."