Rats have already taken over our bathrooms, our salads, and the entirety of the Upper West Side, but of course their first love will always be the subway. Progressive Action has shared this video of an MTA worker at the Grand Street L train station in Williamsburg abandoning her booth after it was invaded by a rat on Saturday. Don't forget to turn the sound on for this one:

There's more:

"This isn’t rare, it’s pretty common," said the Tramell Thompson, the video uploader. "The MTA don’t care to do anything about it until videos like this surface and it embarrass them."

The hostile takeover of the booth is far from the first action the rats have taken underground: rats have been put out like other straphangers during subway flooding; stuck on subway escalators; they've hitched rides on people's faces; and they've found a welcoming home at subway trash mountains in certain stations.

"The safety of our employees and customers are of utmost importance; a supervisor responded to the booth within 10 minutes of the report and necessary measures have been taken to help ensure this doesn't happen again," said an MTA spokesperson.