An EMS worker assaulted a man being restrained by two NYPD officers for allegedly stealing his iPhone.

According to the NYPD, the incident occurred in Sunset Park last month in the bodega on the corner of 4th Avenue and 56th Street. Police say Daniel Shevchenko, 21, rummaged through the victim's Honda Pilot and stole an iPhone, some clothing, and a GPS device.

El Grito de Sunset Park obtained video of Shevchenko's arrest from the owner of the deli and posted it on Facebook.

FDNY EMS assaults an alleged cellphone thief as NYPD restrains...

Bodega store surveillance footage taken in Sunset Park, Brooklyn shows an alleged cellphone thief being assaulted by an FDNY EMS Ambulance worker, while NYPD officers hold the man down. Incident took place on September 11th 2015 around 11pm.

Posted by El Grito De Sunset Park on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dennis Flores, the group's founder, says deli employees told him that Shevchenko was intoxicated, and had been taken in the EMS employee's vehicle to Lutheran Medical to sober up and returned to the same spot after he was discharged. One employee told Flores that Shevchenko was trying to sell him an iPhone when the two NYPD officers and EMS employee entered the deli.

"I would have been just as upset as this EMS worker, but the guy's not a vigilante," Flores says. "There's a proper way to arrest people, and an improper way to arrest people, and this is an example of an improper way to arrest people."

At least eight NYPD officers are seen in the video streaming into the bodega after Shevchenko is pinned to the floor. None are seen restraining or questioning the EMS worker, who leaves the bodega to make what appears to be a phone call.

"If cooler heads would have prevailed, this EMS guy would have stepped back and let the NYPD do their jobs, there's no need for this kind of force," Flores says.

Shevchenko is charged with grand larceny, a felony, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, criminal possession of stolen property, and resisting arrest.

An FDNY spokesman said that the EMS worker is privately employed. The NYPD says the incident is "under internal review."

This morning, Mayor de Blasio gave an interview to 1010Wins outlining the changes to the NYPD's use-of-force policy, referring to retraining and community outreach as a "one-two combination."

"We’re going to help officers know exactly how much force to use in a given situation. And—and really, the point of the training and these new guidelines is to help officers deescalate in each situation," the mayor said.

"This is a new approach that Commissioner Bratton believes will help us to do that while reducing the use of force and, at the same time, bringing police and community together."

Flores's group has worked to make the NYPD more accountable by posting videos of street vendors and a pregnant woman being assaulted by police in Sunset Park, and he noted that the CCRB recommended that the officers in those incidents be docked just a few days of vacation.

"The mayor, basically is spinning this and doing damage control and saying the right things and their actions prove they don't mean what they say," Flores said.

"This is why communities of color are afraid of the police, because they can do whatever they want, and nothing is going to happen to them."