Mitt Romney has made it clear from previous statements that he plans on shutting down, or at least cutting off, Planned Parenthood if he becomes automaton-in-chief. Well, things got heated at a "Women For Mitt" event in Wisconsin yesterday over that issue, when two elderly women got into each other's faces after one started asking about the Republican opposition to Planned Parenthood. And it all culminated in one elderly woman allegedly spitting in the other's face. Watch video below.

The alleged spitter, 83-year-old Mary Hoglund, interrupted the Wisconsin Women for Mitt event in Grand Chute asking why they were against Planned Parenthood, noting “women are in’re getting rid of an organization...” before being cut off. Another local woman, who hasn't been identified, started yelling in Hoglund's face to stop talking. Hoglund then appears to spit in her face, at which point the other woman smacked Hoglund in her face.

Hoglund was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. As for reactions to the event, it was a Rorschach test for political affiliations: “It was very disrespectful,” Romney supporter Mary Jones told the Post Crescent. “One woman decided to be rude and was politely asked to leave. It was shocking.” “I’ve never experienced anything like that before. To me it’s unacceptable,” countered Romney protest Kathy Lefebvre. “Getting upset is one thing, but [Romney supporters] attacked Mary [Hoglund].”

Oh, and in case you're unsure of where Paul Ryan falls on the issue, the Obama team released a new ad focusing on the congressman's record on women's issues. "In Congress, Ryan voted to ban all federal funding for Planned Parenthood...and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control." Watch the ad below.