The East Village has unabashedly devolved into one giant Delta Tau Chi rager, assuming you swap out John Belushi for dozens of vomiting Santas. In fact, the EV's fratastic transformation is so complete, a building on 13th and Ave A has been advertised as an "East Village frat house," and it appears its residents have been throwing parties that would rival even your college's fiercest Boats 'n Hoes mixer.

A neighbor sent EV Grieve the following video, which documents a particularly vicious rooftop rager allegedly held at the aforementioned 205 Ave A. The neighbor says he shot the video at 2:30 a.m. early Friday morning from a few buildings over. And while you can't see the madness, you can certainly hear the music. Pop a Keystone Light, wave a glow stick and take a listen, bro:

Apparently, neighbors have been making complaints about these rooftop parties since April, addressing them again at a Ninth Precinct Community Council meeting in June. Though the parties haven't slowed down, neighbors say that they've been in communication with the precinct's community affairs lieutenant, who has presumably been working with the management company to establish guidelines regarding the rooftop parties.

Friday's party was eventually busted by cops at around 2:30 a.m., but check your Facebook events for next week's SplashBash. Ladies, BYO white t-shirt—slip 'n sliiiiiiiiiiiiiide!

Update 10:04 a.m.: An attorney for the management company, Icon Realty, tells us that they confronted the residents of the building's top floor apartments about the loud parties in July. They have not heard from the police regarding last week's party.