Oh cheese on bread, what is going on here? While the debate over whether men should wear flip-flops or square-toed shoes rages on, there's one thing we hope everyone can agree on: going barefoot on the subway is totally unacceptable. And what makes this video right here so infuriating is that the perpetrator seems so damn relaxed and happy as he's reclining on the seat and rubbing his freaking bare feet on the subway pole.

Ah, humanity. Can we all agree that unless some depraved footwear thugs have recently stolen your shoes on the subway platform, or you gave your kicks away to a desperate barefoot crying orphan begging on the train, there's just no excuse for this? Neither of those scenarios appear to be at play here. In fact, the individual who uploaded the video to YouTube notes, "I did not get him while he was removing his socks and smelled them but I did shoot this part of him holding and touching his feet and the rail, pretty nasty, next time you are on the train before touching anything remember him." Anyway, lunchtime!