Yesterday, Joey Boots caught footage of some Duane Reade shoplifters being busted by store security around 8:50 p.m. on Lexington between E 60th and E 61st Streets. Most of the teens ran away, but one was caught and held (by his pants!) by a security guard and what appears to be the store manager. At first, the teen seems somewhat compliant as the three wait for police to arrive—but eventually, his friends return, a struggle ensues, and the teen escapes...proud and shirtless. Watch the video below:

Next time, perhaps the teen should read up on his chosen "profession" before trying it out in the field. Our two favorite parts of the video: at 1:41, when the teen claims they're trying to choke him ("He ain't trying to choke you, he's trying to get you up, because you just stole from his store," Boots exclaims). And at 2:26, when the shoplifter starts to make his getaway, and two women decide maybe it's better to take a different route.