Today the City Council is expected to, um, pass a bill that would require all new buildings, both commercial and residential, to install dual-flush toilets that have separate buttons for solids and liquid. And according to the scoop in the Post, the bill will also require any replacement toilets purchased for existing buildings be dual flush. So what's a dual-flush toilet? Besides saving water, these dual-flushers can take down just about anything, from 20 golf balls to 11 Water Wigglers (whatever those are). Check out this amazing video of the revolutionary new toilet coming to a water closet near you:

These dual flush toilets have been around a while, so it's great to see NYC finally doubling down on the flushing. According to toilet manufacturer American Standard, these bad boys conserve water by giving you "the flexibility to choose between a mere 0.9 gallon flush or a standard 1.6 gallon flush." And the Post reports that the Council bill will also mandate showerheads, urinals and sink faucets meet federal standards for water efficiency.