Even though their sprawling Occupy Wall Street encampment was evicted from Zuccotti Park, it seems the protesters are still bugging the locals with their mere presence. Here we have priceless video of a man in a suit completely losing his shit near Zuccotti Park. Don't be scared off by the protesters yelling "the whole world is watching" as the video starts—things really get good at the 12 second mark:

The YouTube user who posted the video says, "While on my way to the subway from Zuccotti park, I ran into a drunk guy in a suit drinking out of a brown bag (which he smashes on the ground a few seconds in). This goes to show that those drunk on power and wealth tend to not make the best decisions, as he tries to provoke two men in their sixties." We contacted the person who made the video to find out how the story ends, but we're guessing the guy stormed off to return some videotapes.