Christmas has come and gone, but here's a gift to all of us: Videos of an allegedly drunk cop being removed from a Greyhound bus! Sergeant Carlos Fabara was filmed arguing with security who were trying to remove him and another passenger from a bus in Philadelphia that was headed back to NYC. According to one passenger who helpfully filmed the argument, apparently the bus driver just wanted the pair off: The witness "said the driver got so frustrated that he called security guards, who handcuffed the sergeant and removed him from the bus." Let's watch!

The Daily News reports, "Fed up passengers called the Philadelphia cops to assist the security guard. Some passengers began yelling and cursing at Fabara to get off the bus.
A Philadelphia police officer had little problem getting the veteran cop, who earns nearly $100,000, to stand up so he could be handcuffed and carted out." But as one poster on NYPD Rant points out, "Big fking deal are we not allowed to drink and not drive?"

Internal Affairs says it's investigating the incident. A few years ago, the News noted that there were 13 civilian complaints against Fabara in 2006, the most for a cop: "The 13 complaints leveled against Fabara with the CCRB encompass 38 separate charges. Ten of the charges have been substantiated - meaning the CCRB found Fabara violated the NYPD Patrol Guide. In seven of the charges, Fabara was exonerated. Two charges were found to be false, three could not be proven one way or the other and in two more witnesses were unavailable. Fourteen are being probed." Many of the complains were for stop-and-frisks.