Oh dear, it looks like there's a bit of a traffic jam on the Williamsburg Bridge, and we're too late to exit! No sweat, we'll just hang a hard right, jump the curb, drive on the sidewalk, cut through the bike path, and go to Dram tonight instead of Cienfuegos. Hey look, we're not the only geniuses with this bright idea! And ha, some guy's videotaping. Whatever!

This was the scene in Williamsburg on a recent evening, where a parade of nine motorists were caught on videotape avoiding bridge traffic by driving over the sidewalk onto South Fifth Place. "This is outrageous and dangerous motorist behavior that puts pedestrians and bicyclists at serious risk," says Transportation Alternatives' spokesman Michael Murphy. "I hope whoever recorded that video made sure to take down license plate numbers and provide them to the authorities." At press time, we hear the NYPD has four more detectives working on the case. They've got 'em working in shifts! [Hat Tip @BrooklynSpoke]