In May we noted that portions of Delancey Street would receive long-anticipated traffic improvements to give pedestrians more time to cross and hopefully slow the traffic that speeds off and onto the Williamsburg Bridge. Those improvements included a change to several traffic patterns, including eliminating a left-turn from Essex Street onto Delancey Street during both off-peak and rush hour times. But despite three "No Left Turn" signs and a digital sign, many motorists continued to flaunt traffic laws at the intersection last night with impunity, presumably emboldened by reports of cyclists running red lights in Brooklyn.

"There is often an adjustment period as new projects and traffic patterns are implemented," DOT spokesman Seth Solomonow says. "We'll continue to monitor the location and will take additional steps if necessary."

The improvements, which also include making the portion of Clinton Street between Delancey and Grand one-way (except to cyclists) and creating a sort of pedestrian plaza on the north side of Delancey at Clinton Street, were supposed to be finished in July. "It should be finished by the end of the month following rainy weather earlier in the season," Solomonow tells us.

In the meantime, pedestrians attempting to cross Delancey Street at Essex should continue to be wary of driving scofflaws.