A disturbing video shows a group of motorcyclists being run over by a Range Rover on the West Side Highway yesterday afternoon during an annual group motorcycle ride and rally called the "Hollywood Block Party." About 30 seconds into the video below, the driver comes to a stop on the highway with a large crowd of motorcyclists surrounding the vehicle. He then proceeds to speed ahead, taking out several bikers in his path:

As the video continues, many of the motorcyclists give chase. At roughly the 4:50 mark, the Range Rover driver slows to a stop, and one biker runs up to the vehicle and manages to pull open the door. The driver escapes again, but is finally cornered after leaving the highway. Here's a short Instagram video that edits down the longer video to the most confrontational moments:

According to an NYPD spokesman, the motorist, identified as an Asian male who was driving with his wife and child, was assaulted at 218th Street, where he was finally forced to stop because his tires were slashed. Toward the end of the video, you can see one motorcyclist smashing in the driver's side window with his helmet. That's where the video ends, but the NYPD says the bikers proceeded to beat and slash the driver, leaving him with black eyes and lacerations on his face and torso. He was subsequently treated and released.

Though it's claimed here that one of the motorcyclists was killed, neither the FDNY nor the NYPD press offices have any record of motorcycle fatalities or even injuries. An NYPD spokesman says the driver "inadvertently" struck one of the motorcyclists, "causing no injuries." Then the motorcyclists allegedly "attacked" the vehicle, and that's when the driver sped off (at the 30 second mark), "striking more."

One motorcyclist who joined the ride but left before this incident tells us, via email, that "cops were out full force trying to block bridge and tunnels preventing groups of bike entering the city. They impounded plenty. The ride started in Brooklyn and was supposed to have ended in Time squares as it did last year. Cops quickly broke it up into smaller packs. Squids if you ask me..."

No arrests have been made, and the NYPD says the investigation is ongoing.