Video: Driver Deliberately Tries To Run Over Cyclist On West Side Highway

A meathead motorist attempted to deliberately run over a cyclist near the Hudson River Greenway on Thursday morning, after reportedly losing his temper when he was confronted for driving recklessly.

The confrontation was captured on video by Barstool reporter Liz Gonazles. In a post on the sports website, Gonzales says the driver of a maroon Dodge Charger blew through a red light on the West Side Highway, nearly hitting the cyclist, as well as her and her dog.

After the cyclist approached the muscle car, the driver—wearing a shirt, naturally—apparently flew into a rage. The video begins as the driver accelerates into the cyclist, who attempts to protect himself with his bike. The victim later told Gonzales that the driver swiped his cell phone during their argument, which is why he had no choice but to stand his ground.

"I don’t often side with bikers as they usually do whatever the fuck they please, but this particular biker was NOT at fault in any way, and watching this whole thing play out was WILD," wrote Gonzales. "They were both in each other’s faces, hands were flying, curse words were coming out left and right, and all the while traffic was backing up."

Despite Gonzales's anti-cyclist bent, she argued that a roid-and-road-raging driver on the verge of killing someone was probably worth investigating. The NYPD—not so much.

"What was a surprise was how little the cops did when they arrived," Gonzales continued. "They pretty much just showed up to clear up the traffic jam and let the muscle car bruh drive off with his protein shaker to the tattoo parlor. No tickets. No arrest. Just a quick, 'move it along' to start this beautiful Thursday morning."

Less than two years ago, eight people were killed and eleven were injured when a terrorist in a pickup truck plowed into the bike path along the Hudson River. This past summer, another cyclist was intentionally rammed by a for-hire vehicle driver on the greenway, according to witnesses.

A spokesperson for the NYPD did not respond to Gothamist's inquiries. If you have any further information about this driver, drop us a line at

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