There are a couple of things you should know before watching this video of young men in Brooklyn going all "double rainbow" during last night's tornado/"microburst." First, their apartment—which they pay "a reasonable $1,900 for" according to the predictable anti-gentrification flame war on YouTube—has two balconies. Sadly, it may be "nicer" than your apartment. Secondly, they say "dude" excessively and are not (gasp!) native New Yorkers. Perhaps, as one uncharitable troll put it, "The real thunderstorm happens at the bank when their landlord deposits their parent's money into his bank account each month." That said, we were all freaking out a little when this thing hit; we're just glad nobody was videotaping us cowering under our desks. Definitely stick around for the two minute mark when a poor tree gets shredded by Mama Nature:

We'll close with the wisdom of YouTube commenter ShenSpirit: "Where did these asshole hipsters grow up? Tornadoes are serious. If you're lucky enough to see one coming, you head for the most secure cover you can find. I'd hate for my last words to be 'Hahaha, holy shit, dude, hahaha, it's fucking funneling, this is fucking crazy!' " They are from California. [Via Pat's Papers]