Manhattan and Brooklyn will forever be locked in an eternal struggle over which borough is cooler/more authentic (at least until someone builds a monorail connecting the two sides, at which point all divisiveness will cease and a new era of harmony and spontaneous singing will flourish). But what's the best forum for hashing this all out? Posters aren't cutting it. Neither are our basketball teams, whose "Battle Of The Boroughs" showdowns this season have turned into a "Battle Of This-Is-Really-Sad-You-Guys, I-Think-We-Made-Brook-Lopez-Cry." When posters and basketball rivalries fail us, we have no choice: we must turn to the divisive dorks over at CBS This Morning.

If you ever wanted to see Mo Rocca give his best Warriors impression, then this your moment—otherwise, as nice as they seem, you may be left slightly deflated by Rocca and Jeff Glor's tourist-eyed view of the debate.

At least there's one thing we can all agree on: neither Manhattan nor Brooklyn is a reasonable place to live anymore. Also, no one's heard from Manhattan in nearly 48 hours, so perhaps this debate is moot anyway.