There are a couple of important things to be gleaned from the video below. One is that you clearly don't want to start a fight on the subway in full view of a cop—you probably shouldn't start any fights on the subway if you can help it (spaghetti scuffles are an exception), but especially not when a cop is trying to mind his own business in the corner of the J train.

But just as importantly, you don't want to be like these guys taking video of the fight—the ones laughing like hyenas and snorting in front of the camera because OMG BRO TWO WOMEN ARE FIGHTING AHHHHH, isn't that the craziest thing ever Bro?!? I suppose we should be grateful they didn't yell "World Star" incessantly, but if you can go through your daily life not acting like any of the people in this video, then you're already doing something right.