Ambulatory Cheeto Donald Trump has always been a bully with a bad haircut. So we're completely unsurprised that he reached new lows this week as he desperately struggled to keep his much-debunked NJ 9/11 cheering story alive, stooping to making fun of a NY Times reporter with a disability during a rally in South Carolina. Watch below.

Trump mocked NY Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who suffers from arthrogryposis, a chronic condition that gives him limited movement in his arm. Politico describes the moment:

Trump went on, “Now the poor guy — you ought to see the guy: ‘Uhh I don’t know what I said. I don’t remember.’ He’s going, ‘I don’t remember. Maybe that’s what I said.’” As he spoke, Trump launched into an impression which involved gyrating his arms wildly and imitating the unusual angle at which Kovaleski’s hand sometimes rests.

Trump was citing a 2001 article in the Washington Post written by Kovaleski that referred to people who were allegedly seen celebrating the 9/11 attacks. Numerous credible sources have patiently debunked Trump's eyewitness claims, including Kovaleski himself, who told the Washington Post, “I certainly do not remember anyone saying that thousands or even hundreds of people were celebrating. That was not the case, as best as I can remember." Former NJ attorney general John Farmer Jr. didn't mince any words in a piece for the Star-Ledger: "I was in charge in N.J. on 9/11 and Trump's claims never happened."

As Politico points out, this wasn't any kind of accidental impression—Trump had met the reporter several times and was well-aware of his condition: "As a reporter at the New York Daily News in the late 1980s and early ’90s, he covered Trump’s business exploits and met with the developer on several occasions."

"We think it's outrageous that he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters," said a spokeswoman for the Times.

Daily Beast reporter Gideon Resnick has started a petition calling for Trump to personally apologize to Kovaleski. As you might expect, Trump has instead gone on the offensive against the Times.