Smiles have been in short supply at MSG this season, as the Knicks have collectively grimaced through a mostly terrible season filled with disappointment, underachieving, and whatever it is that Bargs does. But for one night, MSG was the best place on earth as Carmelo Anthony scored a Knicks and MSG record 62 points in a 125-96 rout of the Charlotte Bobcats. Below, you can see every point he scored, including the unbelievable half-court shot moments before halftime.

Anthony made 23 of 35 shots in scoring the most points in the NBA so far this season. He broke Bernard King's Knicks record of 60 points set in 1984, and Kobe Bryant's MSG record of 61 points set five years ago. "I made history tonight, with the performance, but just to be a part of that group of people, like I said, there's only a small group of people that knows what that zone feels like and tonight I was one of them," Anthony said.

Melo's teammates were justly in awe. “It was jawdropping,’’ Iman Shumpert said after the game. “We didn’t know what to do but eat some popcorn and watch. "I saw the look in his eyes,’’ Raymond Felton said. "It was the eye of the tiger, eye of the lion. To witness that was amazing."

"I have seen that look in his eye before," added JR Smith. "When he made his first three of four, I knew they were in trouble. Today he was serious. You could see the demeanor in his face. There are few times I see him have that look.’" LeBron James also tweeted his appreciation of the performance, calling Anthony a "rocket launcher from birth:" "I'm at a team even and heard @carmeloanthony is doing what!!? 50 in the 3rd. What!!"

Considering this season has been somewhat of a "recurring nightmare" to Melo, plagued by rumors that he'll jump ship next off-season, this was an especially satisfying night for Melo to recommit to the team. "Just to see everybody smiling once again, that's what I was more excited to see," Anthony said. "Guys on the bench smiling, high-fiving, having fun once again, that's the only thing I care about." Just look at how happy they are:

But the people who truly needed this night more than Melo, more than the team, and even more than the Garden: the Knicks beat writers and bloggers who have suffered through infuriating loss after infuriating loss packed with infuriating performances and infuriating coaching strategies. And if you peruse some of their reactions, you can feel the satisfaction (and relief) that last night's game brought them, regardless of what happens with the rest of this season.

Jim Cavan at Knickerblogger, whose game recaps have gotten progressively more unhinged as the Knicks have flailed this year, summed up the joy:

After the joy wears off, after morning comes and the headache reins, we’ll still have this. We’ll always have this. This thing that was more than a mere display. More than a mere record, even. This taking back of what belongs in-house. This basketball poetry. This lambasted leader who has every right to want out of this twisted cauldron forever, but keeps coming back and blowing the windows off. A lesser leader would’ve surveyed the scene and sighed and said to himself “I’m saving it all for something better.” A lesser leader would rest on All-Star laurels.