Look, not everyone can afford professionals to come wash their precious windows, with their fancy safety equipment and insurance. Sometimes you've just got to climb out on a ledge with a couple rags and DO IT YOURSELF. The fastidious fellow in this video knows what we're talking about—after all, why do architects put ledges on buildings if people aren't meant to climb out there?

Anything For Clean Windows! from Gothamist on Vimeo.

The witness who took this video says the man was cleaning the windows on the third floor ledge for approximately 20 minutes, "with my entire office gasping and holding our breath." Out tipster, tells us the building is located on the corner of Washington and Front Streets in DUMBO, and adds, "I can't believe he couldn't see all 50 of us pressed to the window watching. It was nuts and we haven't seen him do it since." We can only conclude that while our mystery man isn't afraid of heights, it really freaks him out when people stare at him.