It's been a while since we've heard from the Elle Woods-inspired ('cause she's in law school and loves pink, okay?) State Senate candidate, Mindy Meyer. But now we're ready to make up for lost time, because in this latest chapter, young Rudy Giuliani-loving Republican has LITERALLY brought an elephant to the party!

The Post was on hand for a dinner that Meyer held on Long Island. It was a fund-raiser, apparently a very small one: "'I’m humbled by the overwhelming support for my campaign,' the law-school student cooed to the roughly 15 people — including her parents, grandfather and 20-something gal pals — at the dinner at the Inwood Country Club."

She's running against incumbent Democrat Kevin Parker, who has serious rage issues. Meyer has publicly said she was unfamiliar with Governor Cuomo (who works with the State Senate), but she was also featured in a NY Post fashion spread, so it all evens out. Though if she runs for President, she should probably know something about Congress.