Every night this month the Gospel Tabernacle Church is holding an old-timey tent revival in a vacant lot in Flatbush, where people are getting RIGHT WITH GOD at very high volumes. But some of the wicked heathens who reside in the neighborhood say all this righteousness is disturbing their sinful, slothful peace. Others, with a little prompting from a local TV news reporter, agree the noisy revival sure beats the sound of gunshots. Here's NBC New York's amusing segment on the Tent Crusade 2011:

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"Even with the windows closed, AC running, TV blasting, I feel like I’m sitting in the middle of the revival,” neighbor Stacie Williams told CBS 2. "My son who is 4 years old, says at night ‘I can’t go to sleep because I can hear the church.' " Earlier this week, in response to complaints, the Department of Environmental Protection sent inspectors to measure the noise level to see if it exceeded the 65 decibels allowed by law.

Inspectors measured a 91-decibel noise level emanating from the tent, which isn't bad considering how loudly angels' wings flap when they're saving souls from damnation. Officials subsequently met with church reps to talk about the noise, and a DEP spokesman tells NBC, "They were extremely cooperative and agreed to reduce the noise levels."