Don't let the clean suits fool you; the Daily Show's John Oliver isn't some millionaire "job creator"—he's part of the 99%, and he went down to Zuccotti Park to join in the historic Occupy Wall Street movement. Well, that was the premise of last night's segment. What Oliver really wanted was to turn on the cameras and let a sampling of protesters make fools of themselves. Like shooting rubber chickens in a barrel:

The funniest part is probably when Oliver uses the "people's mic" to tell the crowd, "The human microphone... while well-intentioned... is incredibly annoying... and embodies everything... people find frustrating... about movements like this!" He later repairs to a local bar where he shares a beer with "normal people" (i.e. olds) who also object to the inequities in the economic system but agree the Occupy Wall Street movement needs normal folk. "You know what my favorite part of your point is?" Oliver asks one of them. "You don't have crazy tattoos all over your face."

But in the end, the normals have to put the kids to bed and watch the new episode of American Pickers. Which brings us back to Occupy Wall Street—a movement comprised of a wide range of people of different ages and backgrounds, not just the cliched inarticulate hippie the media likes to pull aside for embarrassing TV segments like these. A balanced look at Occupy Wall Street would take the full spectrum of demonstrators into account! The problem is, that wouldn't be funny.

Meanwhile, host Jon Stewart calls out Republicans for fanning the populist Tea Party flames and then criticizing the populist Occupy Wall Street movement. Watch Eric Cantor from "a minute ago" tell the Tea Party protesters to take their country back, then turn around and say, "I for one am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street." Won't someone think of the job creators? These protesters are dividing our country!