Last night The Daily Show's awesome Samantha Bee reported on the NYC parks smoking ban from Union Square park, where she ironically juxtaposed the health-conscious smoking ban against the rather unhealthy realities of the park's "methadone alley." After shot after shot of stumbling, spaced-out drug addicts upstage her interviews with anti-smoking advocates, Bee finally asks, "You know what else inhibits my enjoyment of the park? This giant undulating pile of human sorrow. I have to go home at the end of being in this park and scrub myself with a metal barbecue brush just to get all the sadness off. Are you fucking kidding me? Smoking?"

On the other hand, Bee is fair and balanced enough to confront a smoking scofflaw and demand to know "how are all those addicts behind you supposed to tweak properly with all of your secondhand smoke blowing in their face?"