Filmmaker Casey Neistat, who has a knack for creating interesting urban videos (cyclist crashing into stuff is probably our favorite), recently happened upon this heated altercation between a cyclist and a cab driver in Manhattan. Naturally, he started videotaping, and to make sure none of his viewers get too confused, added a high-tech reenactment of how it all went down:

bike messenger/taxi driver altercation from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

Our favorite part is when Casey's action figures demonstrate the fight (that Neistat didn't witness). Or maybe it's the "13-year-old cop" who ambles up to take charge of the situation? No, wait, it's when a witness explains why teen cop let cyclist go: "It's fucked up to say this, but he's got the wrong skin c—" Cyclists, cab drivers, 21 Jump street, summer; the only thing this video's missing is a raucous indie rock band and a cranky Hipster Cop.

Update 12:58 p.m.: Neistat writes in to inform us that the video is from a year ago, but some "fucking troll" had ripped it off and uploaded it to YouTube yesterday, making it appear recent. Anyway, we're changing the YouTube video to his Vimeo original, because it's a timeless classic.