Could have been worse? (Photo via Mike Dillingham's Flickr)

Ever lock your bike on the street and return to find that another cyclist has carelessly "locked you in" by threading their lock through your brake cable or your frame? You can either wait for the person to return and set you free or, as this filmmaker/cyclist demonstrates, grab a saw and liberate yourself. And if you're Casey Neistat, who made this funny slapstick video about drivers blocking bike lanes, you'll return later to find the bike's owner standing around with his friends looking pissed.

And it only took 40 seconds to saw through the Kryptonite lock! On his YouTube page, Neistat explains, "I just had my brakes adjusted and couldn't release the cable without undoing from the calipers. This would've been a major inconvenience and seeing how the other was negligent (I didn't lock my bike to his) I thought she be inconvenienced (having to buy a new bike lock) not me (having to readjust my brakes)." Now, there's bound to be some debate about the ethics of Neistat's actions, but one thing's for certain: every cyclist should have an assistant on call 24/7 with a fully charged angle grinder!