Why, if we had a nickel for every time we've bitten our tongues over a bike-lane blocking cop, we'd have enough to pay for the (allegedly!) stupid summons cyclist Ben Kopciel got while bicycling in Brooklyn last week. Kopciel was biking merrily along Ocean Parkway—on America's oldest bike path—when he was forced to swerve around a policeman who'd parked his squad car in the bike lane. Kopciel scolded the officer as he passed by, and he says the cop retaliated by giving him a bogus ticket. Here's his trippy image-stabilizing video:

"I asked him to move back as I passed," says Kopciel. "The next block he pulls me over claiming I passed on red while the video clearly shows that the 'don't walk' sign was blinking and traffic still moving (hence it was green). I got a ticket which I intend on fighting with this video." Kopciel also filed a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board, alleging unfair retaliation, and he's lucky to have video evidence on his side. But before we rush to judgment, let's all stop and consider that the officer could very well have been in the middle of an emergency Papa John's run.